Sheila Speaks

Tenacious. Enthusiastic. Humorous. Motivated. Spiritual. Domestic Abuse Survivor—and Conqueror. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of her life! These and more are characteristics of this Empowerment Speaker,  Advocate, Survivor Strategist, and Best Selling Author!

No longer a victim, her personal testimony of surviving abuse moves crowds to tears, springs forth laughter, and prompts her audience to reflect on ways to begin their own healing journey. They are encouraged to rise above the challenges associated with domestic violence victimization in a judgement-free zone.

Sheila’s dynamic message brings her audiences full circle; from tragedy and heartbreak to a place of hope and unbounding joy. Admittedly, she was a woman who presented herself as “having it all together” on the outside while being mentally tormented and torn down on the inside due to the invisible scars of abuse. Today, her candid and truthful story empowers women who are or have been victims of various forms of mistreatment, to include mental, physical, sexual, and emotional abuses. Sheila speaks from a place of humility; she knows firsthand the negative impact of domestic violence and abuse and desires to connect with women who are ready to approach their own restoration head-on.  

A Selected List of Sheila’s Speaking Engagements

A few Speaking To​pics

Speaking topics can be customized to the needs of the audience.

Surviving Domestic Violence – a Strategic Approach

● Well Dressed Mess – Looking Perfect on the Outside and Falling Apart on the In​side​

● You Are Bigger Than What He Says About You

● Activate Your Power!