Founder & CEO

Sheila Malloy-Hall

Sheila is an Inspirational Speaker, Survivor Strategist, Advocate, Amazon Best Selling Author! and The Founder of Healing 2 Grace, Inc.  Healing 2 Grace, Inc. is a product of Sheila’s personal and practical experiences. For so long Sheila hind her truth. She believed that “silence “ was the only way to protect herself. Today, she has taken back ownership of her power and her voice—and she speaks to her audiences from a place of power and humility. Her goal is and has always been to encourage and empower those who have been or are being exposed to abuse, domestic violence, and other traumatic life experiences.  As a woman of faith, Sheila remains candid and straightforward about her healing journey. Her head-on approach with her coaching and training services continues to spur countless individuals to achieve lifelong transformation in their lives.   Sheila is a Beauty enthusiast with over 10 years in the beauty industry.  Sheila enjoys reading, cooking and traveling.   She is a proud, wife, mother, and grandmother. 

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The H2G Board ​

Veronica Edmonds


Veronica Edmonds is the Assistant to  the Healing 2 Grace, Founder and she is a Founding Member.  Veronica  has over 20 years of experience as a Legal Assistant in both litigation and corporate  law.  She is a  Member and Recording Secretary for the Executive Board of the Jubilee Majestic Concert Choir, a local non-denominational gospel choir.  Veronica is married to her husband, Alphonzo and she is the pet mom of their two dogs, Jadah and Coukie. 

Antionette Scarborough


Antionette Scarborough has worked for the Federal Government for over 33 years, serving as a Budget Analyst with the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the last 25 years.  She is a member of  the Federally Employed Women HUD Chapter and a Board Member of Healing 2 Grace, Inc.   Antionette was born and raised in Washington, DC and currently lives in Upper Marlboro. MD. She is married and has three daughters and one grandson. She is a long-time member of First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Dr. Denise McCain

Board Member

 Dr. Denise McCain  is a foremost domestic violence expert, researcher, visionary leader, and trailblazer in the movement to break the cycle of violence. Dr. McCain brings more than 25 years of experience to the field of domestic violence where she has worked on the front lines as a grassroots advocate, a domestic violence program director, and government administrator for federal Violence Against Women Act funded programs.  Denise resides in Prince George's County with her husband and,  is a proud mother and grandmother.

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